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Charreta with Toni Segarra

“If I were your age, I would listen more to people who start their sentences saying: If I were your age.”

Toni Segarra is one of the best creatives of the 20th century.

Despite studying Philology to be a writer, he discovered that his true vocation was advertising. Creator of claims as well known as “Do you like driving?” Of BMW and “Welcome to the independent republic of your home” of IKEA, began his career with 25 years.

It is the S of * S, C, P, F, an agency with great experience, and today we have it here with and for us:


We start!

Hello, I am the grandmother Remedios, the new community manager of Albiñana. A grandmother married to the kitchen and the macramé, but a lover of social networks. Nice to meet you, get to work!

The devil knows more by old than by devil

  1. What methodology do you follow during your creation processes? What are the steps?

Think. And share those thoughts with talented people who grow what they think. I could try to rehearse the explanation of a more detailed or structured method, but in the end it is summarized in that. There is not much else.

  1. Any tricks to end the creative block? We are preparing a very special and supportive action to find the remedy with this moment. You know what they say, great evils great remedies. If you follow our social networks you will soon receive news!

Working as a team, with talented people, to be of much greater talent than yours, and have them close enough that when the block appears you can ask for help.

  1. I think we are surrounded by talent, but how to identify it?

I also believe it. And I don't know any recipe. Approaching people, talking with her, living with her. In this, as in so many other things, there is something mysterious, a pulpit, an intuition, a feeling, that works much better than any rational methodology or analysis.

  1. In numerous interviews you emphasize the importance of intuition. Do you think it can be learned?

I think it can develop. I believe that experience, and fundamentally the accumulation of errors, leads in the long run to greater value and greater effectiveness of intuitions. Intuition comes from experience, I am almost certain of that. What would be very useful would be to give it courage, to stop thinking of it as a magic tool, because it is not. It is practically impossible not to use intuition to make decisions. If we always used reason and analysis we would not have time for anything. And today we have less time.

  1. In my time it was not like that ... But we are currently living in the era of immediacy. Things are wanted "for yesterday." Do you think that at work, it is quickly compatible with excellence?

It is much harder to achieve excellence without time. It is almost impossible to say. But it is true that we live in an era that demands rapid reactions, and taking advantage of opportunities that expire at full speed. The serious thing is that this crisis of available time coincides with the lack of money and the oppression and lack of freedom of talent. Time, money and talent are the three legs that sustain excellence. If one of them fails, the other two must be increased. If all fail, it is disaster.

  1. I, who have been consuming all kinds of advertising for many years, I realize the great influence it has on popular culture and education. As they said in my time; a great power, carries a great responsibility. Do you think that in the sector they are aware of it?

I think there is a lack of consumer awareness, although it is growing. And also of the brands and the organizations that support them. Consuming is a political act, brands cannot evade that responsibility, and neither can consumers. The world is shaped every day based on what we buy. We are improving a lot in that, but it is still missing. And of course, we as authors have an immense responsibility, but we are the only ones who are constantly reminded of our role.

  1. I have read that many professionals talk about such a personal brand. Do you consider yourself a brand? How would you define yourself as such? If I were it would be like a good plate of lentils.

We speak very lightly about brands. Everyone wants to be, literally. More or less famous people are not necessarily brands, they almost never are. They are people who for some reason have called an audience that follows them and is interested in what they say or do. They are more channels, and content creators, than brands. I don't know if I'm a brand, I don't think so. Nor am I very famous, outside the narrow circle of advertising. I don't think it's worth defining so little.



  1. Do you have any ritual and / or mania that you should do whenever you create a communication campaign?

Get together with good people.

  1. What do you think that I, a grandmother, is the new community manager of Albiñana?

It makes perfect sense. It is urgently necessary to recover the wisdom of the experience. We are living in it, literally.

  1. "If I were your age" ... is an expression that is on the lips of grandmothers when we talk to young people. How would you end this sentence?

If I were your age, I would listen more to people who start their sentences saying, "If I were your age."

  1. You often make a parallel between poetry and advertising. If advertising has part of poetry then, does poetry have part of advertising?

Often, exaggerating a lot, I affirm that everything is publicity. There is always a sales objective (understanding sale in a broad way: convince, explain, seduce, deceive, take advantage ...) in what we do. In poetry too. On the other hand, yes, poetry surrounds us. You just have to know how to see it.

  1. Now, a fast game that my granddaughter taught me to know us better: What do you prefer? Although I call it This or that. I will propose two options and you will have to choose one:
  • Read write.
  • Impress / Be impressed.
  • Be impressed
  • Fast food / A good stew from Grandma.
  • Cooked.
  • The word / The image.
  • In social networks you are ... Sporadic / Very Active.


  1. We ask this last question to all our guests, without exception. Although more than a question for you is a kind of chalench; as young people would say today. I suggest you ask a question or challenge for the next guest, even if you don't know who he is. We want to create a constellation of people. Do not cut yourself!

The potato omelette: with onion or without onion?


Thank you very much for sharing this little time with us Toni !!

I say goodbye, but first I will tell you 3 things that I have learned from this talk with Toni. Number one: sharing is living; That was said in an ad or not ?. Number two: surround yourself with people 10 to be a 10. And number: don't abuse croquettes.

Until next time! (God willing).